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Warm & Funny Never Gets Old...


After all this time, just the right little snippet of Billy still makes me smile. :)


Well that's that. New layout in what...several years? LOL  Not bad for a couple of hours' worth of LJ tweaking. *pats self on head*


I'm actually quite proud with the matching up of Itchy Sweater (TM) John to the holiday layout.  hee

'And what's this Itchy Sweater (TM) John you refer to' you ask or not? Check his 'me at six' impression.  The cut to Ellen's amused look makes me laugh even harder...

This Mayer thing is getting bad...as in Billy-early-stages-fangirl bad.  Yikes.  But what can I say...the guy is hysterical, talented, and looking all too distracting lately.  The more I find out about him the more I fail to see where his official 'douchebag' status comes from.   The guy's unattached, having a good time, and if anything is only guilty of running the mouth a little too much in the name of making people laugh.  He shows constant gratitude to his fans, has perspective and the utmost respect for his career, adores and is in constant contact with his family, and has alot going on upstairs.  Musicwise, just to give you an idea, here's 'Assassin' off his new CD 'Battle Studies'.

Bring on the winter tour! \o/ 

What's not to like? /John Mayer PSA 

Happy Holidays. :)

Well what do you know...

Can't help but look at John Mayer videos, even old school ones, and drool lately.   Don't care if he's a smartass douche and a man-slut.  In fact, that kinda helps :>

Sex on Fire

No, with a title like that this is sadly not a personal entry.  LOL!!

I keep hearing about 'Kings of Leon' but had not really heard any of their songs.  What can I say our radio stations are a little behind here. :P  But with a song title like 'Sex on Fire' being referenced by none other than Billy on an interview (http://twitter.com/bdkreviews), I was piqued enough to look them (and that song) up.  Woooo nice voice on that one!  After hearing it I wish Beecake WOULD dare to do a cover of it.  *fans self just at the thought*

Check it out if you haven't already!! http://www.myspace.com/kingsofleon

Has to be my favorite song title yet! *fans self again*

Belated Wishes

Hope you had a great birthday, bam_a_lam !!!!

I can haz a House nao?!?!

Wants more of this omg!!

Finally, a clip from 'Shoe at Your Foot' (I think...?)!!

Bedheaded and raunchy ...just like I like him.  What a yummy little distraction!!  Thanks to kleini .

Stone of Destiny

Wooohoooo it's here!!

The SOD DVD is here just in time for my long July 4th holiday!!  *does little dance*   Thought I was going to have to wait until after the break to receive it so this was a very pleasant surprise!

Your Amazon.ca order has shipped

What order you ask?  Stone of Destiny...aka one of Billy's new films that's actually made it on DVD!!!  Woohoo finally some new Billyness to enjoy! \o/